11 Leadership Guidelines for the Digital Age

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The digital revolution provides a world of opportunity and will force boards

and executives to attain unprecedented levels of innovation and,

According to INSEAD here are 11 guidelines for leaders in the digital age
In regard to the business environment
Digitalisation requires an unbiased understanding of the external environment.
It is time Michael Porter’s “five forces” is revisited
In regard to the organisation
Digitalisation may require a reformulation of the firm’s mission.
Boards and executives will need to question all pre-existing assumptions about the firm’s mission and competitive positioning.
The meaning and impact of digital to the firm must be clearly stated.
Firms should define their own digital road map
Digital understanding and capabilities are required across the firm.
Successful change requires linking digital savvy millennials with the
business experience of senior executives.
Digitalisation must be supported by the firm’s corporate culture.
Digitisation will never take hold unless it is driven by top executives.