We live in an age where we have access to more information than ever before and many of us simply feel overwhelmed. We now have precious little time for creative thinking or personal development. 


At the same time the rise of social media have spawned an alarming array of professional advice, but much of it is just noise.  The internet is brimming with speculative, overly-academic or impractical management theory, where what is really needed for improved business performance is credible, actionable advice.  


Execast helps your people cut through the noise, delivering the best ideas from the right sources, in an engaging, animated-summary format.  Our Editorial Board reviews vast amounts of content from recognised sources and summarises the latest thinking on hot business topics, distilling the key points in just a few minutes, leaving you with new perspectives on critical issues, and more time to get on with implementing ideas.


Execast celebrates the best thinking by crediting authors and giving you direct access to the source content. Our animated summaries are shareable and can be uploaded to your LMS or intranet for easy access.